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The augmented and digital twin app to guide users in assembly and disassembly of complex industrial machines

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The Problem

It's difficult to assemble/disassemble and repair machines machines. There is a need for a solution, as every minute of unplanned downtime on an industrial machine can be costly. 82% of companies who suffered unplanned downtime in the last three years had on average 4 hours of downtime per breakdown, with a cost of 2 million krone per hour of breakdown. 46% of the companies were unable to provide service to their customer due to the breakdown, which resulted in angry customers and loss of trust.

At the same time documentation of the machines is a problem, as the current documentation consists of time-consuming paper/PDFS, which can be 100s of pages of long. These solutions are no longer sufficient for the customer. They demand more and more online always-updated technical solutions. But this digitalisation process is resource-demanding for the machine producers, as they don't have enough developers to prioritise the problem.

Our solution

An augmented reality app for iOS and Android. The app can recognise machines and assist users in assembling, repairing and maintaining them by using advanced computer vision and digital twin technology combined with augmented reality. The idea is to make the twin appear as closely as possible to the real version, and have them exist in the same space through a phone app. Users would then be able to see exactly where to put components in assembly processes. Additionally users can order spare parts that fit their machines directly in the app and also establish contact, share their screen and interact with an expert.

Value Proposition

Our app help companies save valuable time and money in assembly, repair and maintenance processes by assisting the users in making less errors in the process and completing it faster, saving both time and money. Our mission is to make complex knowledge accessible and widespread by using AR to teach users how to interact with machines. Using the app could replace solutions like instruction manuals, and be more interactive, easier and smarter.

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