About us

The Team

The team consists of two MSc. graduates and a 10th semester MSc. student from Aalborg University: Frederik N. Jensen, Tobias H. Adamsen and Nanna H. Jensen. Tobias and Frederik met each other during their bachelor study, where they worked together every semester on various projects ranging from diabetes and food-waste applications, virtual reality viking-training simulation to piano pitch recognition and recognition of sign language. During their master studies they split up and focused on different paths but ended up together on a master thesis project across different studies. When Nanna joined the team, that project turned into what is known today as AR-Simply. 

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Frederik Nørgaard Jensen, CEO

MSc. in Medialogy with specialisation in Computer Graphics

Frederik is an charismatic and outgoing tech enthusiast and user-focused developer, who has mainly worked with projects concerning integration of users into development as well as creating digital platforms and solutions based on user needs. Frederik brings a lot of user focused knowledge and development scenarios as well as being heavily interested in the entrepreneur part of the business. Frederik has a bachelor in Medialogy and finished his master in Medialogy with a specialty in Computer Graphics in the summer of 2022.


Tobias Harpøth Adamsen, CTO

MSc. in Engineering (Vision, Graphics and Interactive Systems)

Tobias is a dedicated and solution-oriented engineer, who pays attention to all the small details and makes sure everyone on the team is heard when considering the next step in the process. For this business, Tobias brings a lot of technical knowledge in particular about augmented reality and software testing to the table. Tobias is very passionate about technology and especially using it to help people and improve the world. Tobias has a bachelor in Medialogy and finished his master in engineering in the field of Vision, Graphics and Interactive systems in the summer of 2022.


Nanna Heidemann Jensen, CMO

MSc. student in Communication 

Nanna is responsible for communication, marketing and organisation. She has extensive experience with communication and communication planning.


What do we do?

We use augmented reality and digital twin to help companies within the maritime sector save time & money in assembly and disassembly processes, keep knowledge within the company and make their customers happier.    

How to get in touch?

If you want to hear more about us and our startup or want to talk about buisness opportunities contact us